"The medium is the message" --Mcluhan, 1964


"The message is the message" --Mindcite, 2016

Mindcite is a grassroots collective of concerned, out-of-box artists formed in 2016 to create short, independent awareness messages that instigate


solution centered


Peaceful, EFFECTIVE 


pOSITIVE social


Mindcite does not advocate or endorse political candidates, parties or

legislation, but believes that the more clearly and objectively informed all people are, the better decisions we and our elected representatives make. 

Our original copyrighted images and videos are distributed

on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We welcome comments and

DMs there or by email and try to respond in a timely manner.

Production and distribution of all Mindcite messages are funded by sales of products featuring our content. SHOPPORT Mindcite, and stay tuned for more